My name is Ginger. As you can see from the photo, I really love animals, especially dogs. I would like to tell you a little about myself so you can “meet me” even before we have our initial consultation. One thing I love about dogs is that they connect deeply with humans. They seem to understand us, even better than we understand ourselves. They seem to have an infinite well of unconditional love for humans.

The ability to connect in relationships is important for our sense of well-being. How we can deeply connect with others is a question that is important to me. Sometimes it seems that, as a human being, we are blocked from allowing ourselves to connect with other human beings in the same open and deep way that a dog naturally does.

I think that people are beginning to understand why the industrialized human has become isolated, lonely, and in psychological and physical pain. How this happens and how to help people re-connect, and have flourishing lives is important to me.

I think that our separation from feeling that we are a part of Nature is one reason we have an increase of mental health issues world-wide. Nature is both around us and within us. Reconnecting to the Nature around us is one aspect, and reconnecting with our natural inner system is another aspect. The healing of the inner helps us to connect with the outer, and the healing of the outer connection with Nature helps us to calm our inner nature. Both are important for well-being.

I grew up surrounded by Torrey Pines Reserve next to Los Peñasquitos Lagoon. I have a deep connection with the ecosystems of Southern California. I live now in the watershed of the San Luis Rey River in the north part of the county.

It may be important for you to know about my educational background. I studied Chemistry at the University of California, San Diego for my Bachelor’s Degree. I later studied Marriage and Family Therapy at San Diego University of Integrative Studies, earning a Master’s Degree. I worked as an MFT Associate for six years in various clinical sites in San Diego County. I am currently working on a PhD in Applied Eco-Psychology. I am also a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner.