Forest Bathing

 8/1/15 Today I took a Forest Bath.

Walking in the forest.  The air feels light around me.  Sounds are delicate.  I hear the water, moving down the stream. Gravity: an unseen force.

The colors are muted and vibrant.  High above, the clouds float, pregnant gray.  A billowing energy of water vapor.

Then thunder echoes across the exposed raw face of the mountains.

A Forest Bath.  Immersion in the sensuality of nature.  

Feeling everything, a touch of Rain, a light wind sings the branches.  The drum of thunder.  Birds wing, water flows.  Flowers stand, their yellow bloom contrast with green foliage.

I feel one with nature, with the universe. I feel that I am part of the amazingmystery.  No longer separate. I feel vulnerable and free, grounded, happy and real.


I feel liberated from the rumination of my mind. The anxiety and numbness has disappeared.  Why is it so difficult to give myself permission to take a Forest Bath?  I put conditions in front of happiness, like building a secure fortress out of granite boulders.  Protecting me from what?  Do this first.  Do that after, then this other thing.  Is that the human condition that makes the doing of life most important, so we forget the Being of life.  

When the feeling of freedom is so close, if only I take a chance and allow myself to experience it.