A recommended Personal Trainer

 How do you  increase the satisfaction of your existence?  I like to read the latest research to understand personal well-being.  According to the World Health Organization, health is complete physical, mental, social well-being and not just the absence of disease or infirmity.  I would, like other researchers, add spiritual.  As a psychotherapist, I am interested in helping people live a full and satisfying life, no matter what.  A psychotherapist is trained to understand emotions, mental states , relationships and spiritual connections.  I am interested in working with other health care professionals who can help people improve in other aspects of life, including one’s physical state.  I connected with Amy Van Liew, who is a personal trainer and nutritional coach.  She understands how to help people in their physical bodies.  She also understands that we need to do more more than focusing on one aspect, we need to look at the whole self, a holistic approach to well-being. 

    Driving up to Amy’s  home is a fantastic trip through chaparral with winding roads and expansive views towards the East and North.  Already, I feel more free, more expansive and closer to nature.  Part of the experience of her healing program begins upon entering her gated community.

    Amy has an educational background in Engineering. She is doing a career change for the same reasons many of us have-we have been  in a high stress lifestyle that   is affecting our health and emotional well-being.  We have decided  to shift gears and find how to pursue what we are passionate about. This is the story we hear and read about, and some people actually take the risk and go for it!  For instance, Amy  has always been interested in physical fitness and nutrition. When she decided to change her career, she combined her interest with her work, becoming a personal trainer and nutritional coach.

    What drew me to Amy, was her authenticity and her compassion.  She is willing to work with people and not push harder than they should, due to  health issues or other reasons.   Still she helps people work hard enough to achieve a  good workout. I didn’t feel like she was a P.E. coach, cracking a whip behind my back, instead she offered me gentle, pleasant persuasion to challenge myself.

    Amy Van Liew’s philosophy of health and well-being is similar to my own.  She talked with me about  “The Circle of Life” .  If we draw a circle, on the outer edge of the circle are the primary nutrients to healing.  These include, Home, Social, Spirituality, Health, Fitness, Relationships, and Finances.  The secondary nutrient is food.  If we are experiencing health issues, we need to look at all the nutrients that we need for personal well-being, to understand where we are out of balance.  

    Amy states that her main passion is exercise - she just loves to exercise!  She exudes excitement and passion for movement!  She speaks about how wonderful it is to see how people of  all ages can quickly  change the way they feel about their body.  Amy does private personal training and also has exercise groups. She loves the way the people in the groups have a chance to be social and connect with each other. They laugh and talk, while exercising. Of course, as the exercise leader, she reminds her clients that they need to work out, not just talk!

    I hardly can imagine a better place to work out. the area is clean, expansive and inviting.  Amy is friendly, authentic and knows her stuff.  You can read more about her on her website,  www.behealthyenough.com

Ginger BahardarComment